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The real cost of solar is as low as $.02 per kWh. Essentially signing a 25 year fixed rate electric plan except you own the energy.

Texas Energy Storage

Never lose power! Paired with solar you can power your home and live completely off-grid. You become energy independent.

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Charge your vehicle from the safety and convenience of your home. Be ready for each new day with a new charge.

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KiloWatt Solar is the leading Solar Power Provider in Texas. We serve Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and everywhere in-between. We are dedicated to changing the way Texas generates energy. We love our state and strive to care of it by providing a cleaner energy solution for our residential and commercial clients. We are a one-stop-shop solar power solution for Texans. We start by analyzing your electric bill and determining your energy needs and goals, then we create a custom solar plan that will allow you to reach your energy producing goals. Our solar panels combined with our solar power plans are able to supply you with 100 percent of your energy needs. We have helped thousands across the state save money and create energy independence.

Going green with solar is always a huge win; however, installing solar panels will also increase your property value and qualify you for a federal solar tax credit.

As leading Texas Solar Panel Installers, we only hire the best electricians and staff. Our aim is to install your solar panel system correctly the first time while offering the best customers service in the business.

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Save On Your Energy Bill With Texas Solar

At Kilowatt Solar, we love to help our clients save money on their electricity. Other than being green for the environment, solar panels produce savings, putting money back into our clients' pockets. Because saving starts immediately after installing the solar panel system, it is an excellent long term investment on your home or business.

Save Money with Solar:

Due to new technology, solar panels are becoming more inexpensive to purchase. Therefore, your new passive income maker, now has cheaper upfront costs. When taking your electric bill into consideration, you can expect to at least cut it in half, depending on how many solar panels you decide to have installed. Every month, that is huge savings in your pocket.

Earn Money: 

While saving money on your electric bill is awesome, it could take some time to pay off your new solar energy system with the savings. That's why its important to consider the additional ways to earn money from your new solar power generator. In Texas, there are renewable energy incentives such as rebates, tax credits, as well as others. See Buyback Plans in Texas. In some cases, your local utility provider may have to pay you, (through cash or credit) for energy you have produced and given to them through net metering.

Increase Property Value:

It's never a bad thing to increase the value of your property. After installing your new solar panels, that's exactly what you will have done. Solar panels not only retain their value, they increase your home value by decreasing future occupants energy bills.

Help Our Planet:

By switching to solar, you are not only saving yourself money, but you are contributing to the transition from over used fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy that does not harm the environment. You can effectively reduce your carbon footprint today by installing a sustainable energy source your family will benefit from for decades to come.


When it comes to energy consumption in Texas, every household and business have different energy needs. We provide customized solar energy solutions to help you save as much money as possible while going green as possible with solar. We also offer free consultations to help give you a better idea on cost and savings. 

Would you replace your car engine on your own? Would you install and AC system on your own? When it comes to certain things, such as solar energy systems, it is always better to leave it to the professionals. At KiloWatt Solar we give you peace of mind knowing that our expert technicians professionally installed your solar panel system. 

You bet! We are in the solar energy business because we love helping people become energy independent. We have several customers that pay $0 per month for electricity when using our net metering solution. Our average customer decreases their annual energy cost by 25-50 percent, based on which energy package they choose. 

When it comes to Texas, most days are beautiful and sunny. However, we do get some Texas storms and cloudy days. Fortunately, the way solar works, energy can be produced even on cloudy days. It may not be 100%, but energy will be produced. 

Glad you asked! We send our professionals out to examine your roof structure, any shading obstacles, your current power usage, and your energy saving goals. Based on the facts, we help you determine is solar is a great fit for you.  

Glad you asked again! There is absolutely no maintenance when it comes to solar panels. Although, a good spray down with your water hose is recommended annually. The great thing about solar panels is that they are built tough and with no moving parts. They can withstand hailstorms, freezes, and the hot Texas sun.