Residential Solar Services in Texas

Your Solar Energy, Reimagined

Solar home solutions include panel arrays, energy storage (also called battery backup), and EV charging stations.

Your Home Solar Goals

Your goals for solar dictate the solutions included in your system design. A solar panel array system can power your home during the day while any excess energy generation can be sent to the grid, generating credit that can help offset your energy needs through the night. With the addition of energy storage, that nighttime need to draw is removed and your home can operate completely “off-grid” thus you become energy independent. Another key benefit of energy storage is the added layer of protection to your home and family.

Solar Panels for Residential

By operating completely off-grid you are self-reliant for electricity and when the next major storm hits your home will remain powered while the rest of your neighborhood goes dark. Current or future EV owner? Install an EV charging station to charge from the safety and convenience of your own home. Pick and choose the solutions you want to future-proof your home with a customized residential solar system.



Solar Solutions

Solar panels enable you to harness the power of the sun by converting sunshine into usable energy.


Energy Storage

Energy storage takes your energy independence a step further.


EV Charging

Electric vehicles are here and a growing part of our future.

Dollar Sign for Solar

Financing Options

If you aren’t choosing to pay cash we have a variety of options to choose from.