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Solar panels can save you money with lowers electric bills and even save you money on taxes. Start enjoying the benefits of Solar Panels today!

Houston Energy Storage

Live off-grid by generating your own power with solar panels and storing that power on site. We provide complete solar solutions for you that can help you become energy independent.

Houston EV Charging

Our EV Charging Solar Solutions allow you to generate your own power, store it on site, and even charge you vehicle(s). Take power into your own hands with KiloWatt Solar today!

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Kilowatt Solar is a proven leader among Houston Solar Power Providers. Our company was founded in Houston by Stewart Masterson and Chris Hayden. These guys have dedicated their lives to changing the way Houston generates energy. When our company started, it was just one of many solar power companies in Houston, TX. Fast forward to today and Kilowatt Solar has become the leading Solar Power Installers in Houston. Our goal always has been and continues to be helping business owners and home owners break away from utility companies and create their own clean and renewable energy using the power of the sun.

Kilowatt Solar is the top solar company chosen for Solar Energy in Houston. This is because we go far beyond just being a Solar Energy Company, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry. When you work with us, you are treated like family.

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We support your energy needs for home and business.

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See the benefits of producing clean, reliable, and renewable solar energy to power your home – right from your rooftop.

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We apply years of experience to our custom system details for the commercial property owners.

Net Metering Plans

Solar energy buyback plan. By adding a solar system to your home or business you become an energy producer.


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Our Houston Solar Energy Office

Kilowatt Solar's Houston office is centrally located on Westheimer Rd. in the Westmoreland area of town and serves as our company headquarters. Our Solar energy team is comprised of highly qualified solar installers, which are licensed electricians. We only hire the most qualified individuals to be a part of our Houston Solar Installation Team.

When it comes to solar energy, Kilowatt Solar is dedicated to providing the best services by using the very best equipment, seasoned technicians, and by providing excellent customer service.  When it comes to professional solar companies, we believe that track records speak for themselves. With over 4,500 solar power systems installed across Houston, our company has never had any complaints filed against us with the State of Texas or the Better Business Bureau. That's a track record of excellent solar services.

Our Houston office the the leading employer for solar photovoltaic energy technicians in Harris County. Our centrally located office allows us to provide solar installation, repair, and servicing for all of Houston and surrounding cities including Katy, The Woodlands, Sugarland, and more. We are excited to see the demand for Houston Solar Panels grow as we are also excited about helping homes and business create their own solar energy, creating energy freedom.




Absolutely! In the Sunny city of Houston, Solar adds value to your home, but don’t take our word for it. The US Department of Energy sponsored an extensive study indicating that homes with solar increased in value by more than $15,000. While uniform real estate market adoptions are relatively slow, there is an increasing number of homes and communities that are switching to solar power. In a similar study by Zillow, they found solar homes sold for on average 4% more than homes without.

Having no energy bills reduces the cost of owning a home, which translates into a higher value for the home. Homes with solar also sell quicker than similar homes without solar.

Energy Independence! Just because you live in Houston, TX does not mean you can't have solar energy freedom. When we say unplug from “the grid”, we mean you are no longer relying on the electricity coming from the network of power lines that connect to other homes and the power plants. With solar you are producing your own electricity, instead of pulling from the grid, you will actually add power to the grid when you are overproducing.

Your lights will stay on! Think about it this way, when you go to the beach on a partly cloudy day will you still get sunburnt? Yes. While you aren’t producing at the same level on a sunny day, your solar system will still be capturing energy from the sun. If you are worried about going multiple days without the sun, you have options. Even with solar you still have access to “the grid” and can buy power when needed. The other option is energy storage, which allows for living completely off the grid and it’s as simple as it sounds. While your solar is powering your house it also charges your batteries. So when your panels aren’t absorbing, at night for instance, or when the power goes out, your energy storage is ready to work.

The short answer is no, the long answer is also no. Unlike your computer, solar panels are water, snow, dust, wind, and even coffee proof! They won’t rust over time either and can take a hit. Despite being very high-tech, solar panels have no moving parts making them pretty carefree. They have even been known to survive a Houston hurricane or hail. If anything does happen to your solar panels there are warranties and home owner’s insurance!

Pretty instantly. Solar energy is a highly valued investment that is not subject to the market’s fluctuating costs. This is because your new energy source doesn’t require fossil fuels. Once we agree upon a quoted cost and/or related financing that payment is locked in with a set payment schedule. That price is not affected by varying monthly usage or fluctuating electricity rates. Not to mention the tax benefits you will receive for switching to solar power.


The 22% federal solar tax credit is available for a purchased Texas home solar system installed by December 31, 2022.

Long story short, the best time to add solar is now! Take advantage of the Solar Tax Credit while it is still around. If you can’t make it before the 2022 deadline you still have one more year to automatically earn a 22% return with the federal tax credit. Solar energy is a long-term investment that yields almost immediate returns. Produce your own energy from an abundant and predictable resource. Not to mention by improving your home with a solar system it will sell faster and for a higher price than a home without solar.

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