Tesla Powerwall

Your Solar Energy, Reimagined

kiloWatt Solar’s mission is to help Texas homeowners and businesses become energy independent with solar. We offer a variety of solar solutions along with net metering and warranty.

Teslas Powerwall Technology

The Tesla Powerwall has a clean design made for any homeowner with the expandability to meet daily use demands. It is easily retrofitted to existing DC & AC PV systems. The Powerwall has a 90% round trip efficiency rate and a 10 year, unlimited cycle warranty with guaranteed 70% capacity. Contact your local tesla powerwall provider today!

Tesla Powerwall Providers



Solar Solutions

Solar panels enable you to harness the power of the sun by converting sunshine into usable energy.


Energy Storage

Energy storage takes your energy independence a step further.


EV Charging

Electric vehicles are here and a growing part of our future.

Dollar Sign for Solar

Financing Options

If you aren’t choosing to pay cash we have a variety of options to choose from.